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Our expertise lies in the areas of database design, data warehousing, business intelligence, custom programming, project management,  and on-site training.

We have experience with all releases of Oracle (up through 12c) as well as Microsoft SQL Server (up through 2014).



  • Database Administration
    • OEM grid control, database alerts, job scheduling, automated tuning, automatic storage management
  • Database Tuning
    • partitioning and indexing strategies, optimizer changes, materialized views, resource manager, consumer group switching
  • Database and Data Warehouse Design
    • LOB storage methods, extraction transformation and loading (ETL), star schema design,  Data Pump, external tables
  • Database Backup and Recovery
    • Recovery Manager, Data Guard failover and switchover
  • Database Security and Auditing
    • password strategies, fine grain access control and auditing
  • Custom Software Development
    • virtual private databases. flashback versioning, regular expression support, SQL tuning advisor, ISO SQL changes
  • Project Management
    • full software life cycle experience including team building, development methodologies, quality assurance, testing
  • Oracle Software Development Tools
    • Oracle Designer, Application Express (APEX)
  • Training
    • customized training on any of the above services at your site

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Pittsburgh Database Solutions, Inc.
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